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​​​Example Reels


Small Biz Intro' Videos​
Shot on location at Allegra Organic Spa & Boutique this video introduces Oriol Rhodes, her skills, and her services.
A simple piece, played directly to camera, that engages the viewer, as if speaking one-on-one, and establishes trust through eye contact. This format is the next best thing to actually meeting someone face-to-face and is an ideal format for an introduction video; most especially for service oriented businesses.

Kickstarter & Crowdfunding Campaigns
Laurie Goodman Photography launched her Life Messages™​ book series from humble beginnings. She needed to raise crowd funding to support the production of the first book and asked us to provide a video to support the Kickstarter campaign.
This format is slightly longer than the introduction video since we need to compel the viewer to full appreciate the project as we encourage them to engage, donate and support it. Laurie was successful in her campaign and has just published her third book in the series. 

For more information:
Life Messages™​


Non-Profit Video Projects​
One of our passions is to work with non-profit organisations especially around LGBTQ+, human rights, and mental health. In this video the Positive Space Network​ Youth Group wanted to appeal to more local LGBTQ+ identified youth to participate in creating a Youth Advisory Council. We had a lot of fun creating this short appeal with the youth in complete control of script and delivery! 
Just recently the Positive Space Network was awarded a 4 year Youth Opportunities Fund grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to work towards opening an LGBTQ+ Youth Centre in Halton Region.

For more information:
Positive Space Network
Post-Production of Your Videos
With the increasing quality of smartphone and tablet cameras more and more people are shooting their own video blog assets. However, the shoot is just the start and often people do not have the skills or software to produce a finished clip. We will take your video and put it through our post-production process. This includes both video and sound enhancement, the addition of branding element, title screens with logos, lower thirds with names, and a call to action. Then, we transcode it to YouTube's specifications so that it is presented at the best available quality.

For more information:
Life Messages™ Blog


Full Length Documentary Films
​In addition to the shorter promotional projects above we also produce full length documentary films. Pride of Ukraine was produced to raise awareness to the struggles, and success, of the LGBTQ+ movement in Ukraine. The film premiered at the Embassy of Canada in Kyiv, Ukraine and later at the Carlton Cinema in Toronto.
We are now working with a transgender advocacy group (Transakcija) in Slovenia on a documentary that explores the lived experiences of transgender and gender non-conforming people in the country.

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Event Promotion​
The Giving Back Conference was designed by women for women. Created to empower women entrepreneurs to accelerate their business to success.
The challenge here was to capture all the knowledge and opportunity of the even in a way that would encourage people to find out more, sign up, and attend. The conference was a huge success and the video played a pivotal role in the marketing campaign for the event.

For more information:
Giving Back Conference